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Анонсированный вчера Орфей.

Monteverdi's 'L'Orfeo'

Concert from the MAfestival. Monteverdi's 'L'Orfeo' is a late Renaissance/early Baroque favola in musica, or opera, with a libretto by Alessandro Striggio. It is based on the Greek legend of Orpheus, and tells the story of his descent to Hades and his fruitless attempt to bring his dead bride Eurydice back to the living world.

Performers: Mariana Flores, soprano, Giuseppina Bridelli, mezzo soprano, Anna Reinhold, mezzo soprano, Alessandro Giangrande, countertenor, Carlo Vistoli, countertenor, Valerio Contaldo, tenor, Nicholas Scott tenor, Konstantin Wolff, bass-baritone, Salvo Vitale, bass, Matteo Bellotto, bass.

Namur Chamber Choir. Cappella Mediterranea. Conductor: Leonardo García Alarcón.

Аудиозапись трансляции, битрейт 128.
Tags: аудио, монтеверди, трансляции

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